I WANT A ROOSTER!!! Any suggestions???

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  1. Hi, I live in a housing area where I can have hens, but they say no roosters which to me doesn't make sense since some hens can be quite noisy. I know all rooster crow, but are there some that aren't really so loud and have a pitch that is not so piercing. One that sort of blends in with cars, dogs, etc...lol
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    It will depend on the rooster as there is no such thing as a breed that doesn't crow. Some will crow more than others. I find that a tiny banty will have a higher pitched crow, but that a large large bird will have a deeper longer one. It is up to you which you get as I haven't really seen a correlation with size and loudness. Some in the city put their roosters inside at night and let them out after sound restrictions.
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    I find my Brahma is very content & doesn't need to crow much at all! but, there is not alot of things going on were I live!

    Your Roo is kinda like a dog barking he wants you to know what is happening! (Your Roo wants to alert his hens someone or something is happening or going to happen So, watch out)
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    I had a Buff Rock that only crowed around 6:45 to 7:15 AM. I got rid of him and now only have my Buff Orp rooster. I love him he crows throughout the day starting at like 4 AM. I live in the country and no one cares. I love hearing him crow. My suggestion to you is don't get a rooster, they all crow and someone will get mad. You don't want hard feelings between neighbors. You could always move to the country and have all you want. [​IMG]
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    I just got a milay[ sin serma . Its the worlds smallest chicken. although he crows its almost nothing at all. also he is a sweet heart . More of a pet than anything
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    I would recommend getting a rooster which is the same breed as your favorite hen. Personally, I think the Australorp is a handsome bird - I wouldn't hesitate to get one of those. Barred Rock would probably be a great bird as well. From my experience, the older breeds do not crow as much and have a better temperament. I live in a city where roosters are legal and have been surprised by people's reaction to my Dominique. 8 out of 10 love him - the eight are all people that moved into the neighborhood and renovated their homes. The 2 that dislike him bought renovated houses. That information might help more than anything else I can tell you.

    One thing to keep in mind - some roosters (of the same breed) are just better than others. Some crow more and some are friendlier. I have found that if I have a light on a timer set to about 15 minutes prior to sunup - he will not crow as much. And I have never heard him at 3 or 4am. I am up a lot with my newborn baby - I would know if he was making a racket all night.

    When I got my birds I did not want a rooster. He has made owning chickens much more enjoyable. His antics are hysterical. The more you work with him - the better he is - he is almost friendly. But the best part is how he protects the hens! He is always on the lookout for predators - we have a lot of hawks in our area. About six weeks ago a red-tailed hawk hit one of the hens - the rooster attacked the hawk and fought him off! Both the hen and the rooster lost a few feathers - but nothing more serious.
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    Barred Rock roosters are simply my favorite.
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    if they say "no roosters" ... and you have neighbors ... and you're in California, especially Monterey area ... it probably means what it says, even if it doesn't make sense ....

    ("but Captain, that is not logical" ... )

    many zoning laws and covenants don't make sense ... but those who got them put into place tend to enforce them anyway

    I have never yet heard a rooster who didn't SOUND like a rooster ... that crow is pretty distinctive, no matter what volume

    now, you can find out who or what got that regulation put in place, and find out what the objection is (and possibly get an exception made)

    or you can fight it

    or defy it

    or keep the roo indoors inside a semi-soundproof structure

    (like I'm going to keep my hatching chicks inside)

    or play loud rock music to drown him out (and maybe incur other violations ... )

    we live in a no-shooting zone but would occasionally need to discharge a test firearm ... we would first start playing the "1812 Overture" ... LOL

    however, you might well wind uo with trouble on your hands

    wishing you the best

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