I want baby turkeys!


7 Years
Jul 18, 2012
Carmel Valley, CA
I have one hen and one tom. They both were hatched in an incubator and neither sit nor strut for each other, only humans. This is the third batch of eggs I've thrown out because they're infertile. What does it take??? Al Green???
Our Rios keep hiding their eggs. I'm hoping for a couple new Toms.

Tommy Thanksgiving is getting near the end of his employment as a Tom and about to start his new career as an entree.
My Narrys are nuts, all my tom thinks about is sex. All the girls want to do is eat and forage, but alas they give in and let him breed. I am up to 25 eggs now. Two sets are in incubators and the rest I'm letting the girls hatch. Cracked the first one I got and was fertile.

Now this all happened after some wild turkeys started coming around, the first day was a group of jakes and both of my hens sat and let my big ole tom breed them, while the wild birds watched from outside of the run.

Maybe lock them up together and put a turkey decoy out? Just may work!
I've got 5 Narragansett chicks from couple days to almost a week old for sale for what I've got in them

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