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  1. I was volunteering at a local shelter then I met Frosty an Australian Shepard! I have always wanted one. Frosty is so smart he would make a perfect agility dog I have always wanted an agility dog! but all my family members don't want him! I'm so sad! I cant stop thinking about Frosty! Who wouldn't want him look at that face:

    Any ideas to talk other family members into wanting him? if anyone has a successful idea THANKS SO MUCH!
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    That was the worst when I was volunteering at the shelter! When I wanted to get my uncle to adopt a dog that I thought would be perfect for him after his dog passed, I asked if I could take the dog for the weekend and they said no problem. It was really easy to get him to fall in love after that! Maybe that is worth a shot!
  3. I guess I'll try it thanks!
  4. I tried it didn't work :( any more ideas? I really want this dog!
  5. I need a plan QUIK! before someone else adopts him!
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    I don't know. If your parents don't want another dog then there's not much you can do other than sitting down with them and letting them know you are planning to take care it on your own. Dogs are expensive, so that may be the reason they don't want another
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    If you parents don't want another dog, and you don't work or have money to take care of feeding, vets, etc, then you must accept you can not help thsi dog. If you care about the dog, put you thoughts and energy into finding it a new loving home where it will be happy and well cared for.

    When you leave home, get a job, etc, then that is the right time for you to get a rescue dog if you find the right one. Now may not be the best time for you or the dog.
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    Unfortunately this is the hard truth when you are still young and living at home. When I was in my early teens I had to pass up a beautiful dog that I instantly clicked with and it broke my heart. I have never forgotten that dog and I am in my mid 40's now! But, my parents already had a dog and other pets and did not want to take on more. I was just starting high school and not sure about college or where I'd be going after I graduated in a few years either. So even though I will always believe that dog was meant for me it just wasn't the right time. If your family is not willing or able to take on another dog right now then do the next best thing for this dog and help him find the perfect home.
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    If you family doesn't want this dog, you should be hoping someone else adopts him quickly rather than trying to find a way to bring the dog into a situation where he isn't welcome. That's probably how he ended up in the shelter in the first place. I've worked with rescue dogs for 15 years, and I know it's hard when you come across a really awesome dog - but if he was meant to be yours, manipulation wouldn't be needed. [​IMG]
  10. My family say it's not the money just the time they don't believe I'll take care of them I will though!

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