I want to go to Scotland. Any Scots here?


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Apr 13, 2010
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My dream is to spend my 40th birthday in Scotland at "The Witchery".

I have exactley 1 year to accomplish this goal.

I want to hear all about Scotland. Whats the prettiest places, places to avoid, best creepy castles to go to ..whatever!!!!

Any input about anything Scotland is appreciated.

Ps- I would also like to see the Tower of London in England- how feasible would this be? Is it really far?
I hav e never been there (Scotland) but been to England twice, if I had enough moola, i'd go with you - Scotland is on my bucket list
Tower of London and Scotland, me thinks you'd be better off taking public transportation - There is nothing like it anywhere in the world - it is the BEST in England, VERY easy to follow and goes all over the country
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Hubby been to Scotland and he LOVES it there! I will have to ask him when he gets off work of the best places to go and the worse places.

He said the pub foods and McDonald's are easy on the budget, stay away from hotel or famous eateries unless you want to do a "date" night or a birthday dinner.

He has been to Ben Nev, the highest peak of Scotland, and that water bridge which I can not remember the name of it, a trail that leads into it. He didnt take the tour with the tourists, he went off the beaten path.

Youth hostels are good for the budget and some outlying areas that offer bed and breakfast are good too. Even a wonderful BYCer can help you out with that, save a bit but be generous and offer them a bit of $$$ unless they specifically say no currency, just as a guest of their home and your company!

Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile are good places to shop but bring plenty of money because it is popular.

Hubby was not too impressed with Glasow but he loved Braemar and the battlegrounds of Jacobite Rebellions. He took some gooooood pictures I think it was Braemar Castle.

If bagpiping is your thing, you would have to make reservation about a year's time for August/Sept celebration which they would have the tournment going on.

Eilean Donan Castle, yep, GO see that one!

I'll ask him tonight and see what else I've missed on this.
Hubby been to England once and yes it is a distance from Scotland to Tower of London. He said NO pictures in the Tower of London where the Queen stored her jewels there. Not sure why but security I would think. And to enjoy the Guards and Beefeaters but you wont have any luck cracking a smile out of them LOL!

It was expensive for hubby to travel by himself, he saved up $3,000 about 17 years ago I am guessing and came home with roughly $500 in his pocket and lost some pounds when he walked when he could. Hiking or biking is the best thing to see the countryside.
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Go!!! I am Scottish to the point that while viewing the move Braveheart my wife reached over, grabbed my leg, and said "All these years I thought it was the alcohol and insanity. You can't help it. It's genetic.
" Riding through the hills I felt a pull and exilheration that I can't explain. I have always had a similar reaction to bagpipes. The people, the countryside- read some books, pick and choose. Go to an area your clan came from. I am second generation in the U.S. and only 50% Scottish, but going there was one of the most memorable things I have ever done.
Thanks everyone!

EweSheep thanks for all the input, very helpful.

Sourland- LOL, I am Native American, so my clan is from Michigan!!
But I think I must have been Scottish in my last life and Scotland calls to me......

Jersey Girl, If you wanna join--- the more the merrier-- we can fly out of Newark!!
I'd love to visit Scotland, too, but the Yorkshire Dales and London are higher on my list.

I'd recommend watching a lot of Hamish Macbeth.
I go whenever I can. I would highly suggest that if you go you get your international driving permit and drive around, especially in the highlands. I can guarantee you will see the most amazing things if you actually drive yourself. Make no set plans, go to Inverness and Isle of Skye, spend time on foot exploring Edinburgh. Go to pubs and talk to the locals. Don't do the tourist thing, make your own map, it's WAY more fun. People in Scotland are very kind and hospitable and there are B&B's everywhere.

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