I Want To Hear Your Chicken Stories!!!!!

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    Feb 7, 2011
    Hello Peeps! My name is Ashley and I am really interested in hearing people's stories about how they came to raise chickens. I'm mostly interested in those who live in big cities; I myself am from New York. If you live in New York City or one of the 5 Boroughs or Long island, or any other Big City and you raise chickens (whether legally or not) please tell me your tale. I want to know all about people's chicken journeys and how big a movement urban chicken farming really is.


    -Ashley E

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi, welcome!

    I see you are from a film studio in NY- are you planning on filming or something along those lines? I don't know that stealth chicken owners would want that, but I bet a lot of legitimate people would love to get the word out!
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    Mar 11, 2009
    Long Island, NY
    Hi Ashley, we bought an old house 2 years ago with a big chicken coop on the property that was built during the great depression. We live in the middle of Greenlawn Village (next to Huntington, Long Island). I love animals and was so excited when I saw the coop. After doing some research on the friendliest breeds, I ordered 8 Buff Orpington chicks from Agway in Riverhead. That was before I even knew the local laws limiting a house to 8 hens, no roosters. I got lucky!

    They are almost 2 years old now and are totally pets to me, they jump in my lap and fall asleep. They are broody hens though, meaning they are always trying to hatch eggs. Since we have no roo, their eggs are unfertile. I feel bad for them sitting there for three weeks at a time so have ordered fertile eggs for them to sit on, as well as ordering 8 chicks through the mail last spring. Those 8 chicks were supposed to be rehomed once they got big enough. One died and the person who was going to take them bailed out so guess what? I now have 14 chickens. One Buff Orpington hen died just after she turned 1 year old. :–(

    I love chickens, I think they are funny and the eggs are the best. They make me get outside and I really enjoy sitting out there with them watching their silly antics. I honestly never thought I would grow so fond of them but I have.
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    Well... I live in Baton Rouge and my hen Daisy once fought off a hawk... this is a small chicken were talking about, too! Lotsa people don't believe me, though.

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