I want to see coops built by NON-HANDYMEN/WOMEN

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    I'd like to see pics of coops built by people who aren't very "handy."
    I took woodshop and drafting back in Middle school and made an "A." I still have decent drafting skills (I designed my VERY basic chinchilla cage and had DH who is NOT crafty build it---it took FOREVER), but neither DH, nor I think that we would be able to make anything nearly as elaborate as some of the coops I've seen.

    So, show me some pics. Inspire me please! The simpler, the better!

    ETA: I'm only in need of a coop to house 2-4 chickens. I don't need, nor want, a huge flock until I move to my new home next year. Thanks.
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    We both are not handy...took us alot of time, nailing and then taking it down and re starting over and over..to the point we wanted to give up...we used left over fence from the hurricane last year.

    now we look at it and we know we could have done it different and changed alot of things, Im still happy with it for our very first coop.

    shows side door closed

    side door open for collecting eggs and also ventilating coop during the day time, I added chicken wire so they didnt get out and I also added an opening in it to collect the eggs.

    big mistake, roost even with nest boxes...well nest shelves...[​IMG]

    how I fixed the roost area...and now my nest area is only used for that



    we had everything here around the house including the dog kennel we hadnt used in 1yr...we just bought the chicken wire AND LETS NOT FORGET: How many times I started to nail, and we got it in and the nail bent, and taking it out and starting all over again...and the worst part...hammering and HITTING YOUR FINGERS!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:This is really off topic, but I love your 'think like a weasel page' !!!!
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    Ok this will be the 3rd time I have tried to post my chicken coop being built.LOL


    I started with a ramp that was on the house when I moved in..it is 4x8


    next were the four posts and the back wall......did I say that I forgot to lay it out on paper first....I would suggest that LOL


    side view


    clean out large enough to get me in there LOl


    some windows, door space, and I still need to figure what I will do for a nest box. I am going to try & roof it today..and finish the inside...it has a stick on floor that is glued down.

    I hope to finish soon, I get the girls 9/12. There will be four 3 Red Stars and 1 Buff Or.; any suggestions would be helpful!!!!! I plan to use shavings on the floor and yes I will use a ramp for them. I know to use hardware wire around it, but I do not have too many predators the dog sees to that.
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    Uh, well my husband and I are not very handy. We get an A+ for effort, but notice that I am NOT posting pics. LOL!

    Our property is on an incline. Our garage has 2 stories. The upper story is the actual garage. Then you have to walk down a set of stairs to get to our backyard. The "basement" of the garage is what we call our shed. I just built an area out of 2 x 4s and chicken wire. I managed to fashion a door out of some scraps, chicken wire, and hinges to separate our storage area from the chicken coop. I used a sawzall and cut a small opening for the chickens to go out to their run. Our run is not beautiful either!

    I do have to say that although it's not the most beautiful (by far!), our chickens seem quite content with our setup! It also maybe cost $100. It works for us!
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    May 23, 2009
    I never even took wood shop, and I won't use any power tool other than an electric screwdriver.

    Here are my hot weather coop/run and chicken tractor:


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    Quote:That's the beauty of chickens (etc), they never do criticize the workmanship or decor of their dwellings. lol

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