I want to steal my neighbors rooster


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14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
It's a metal rooster, standing tall and proud at the corner of their yard. I see it whenever we drive out. These neighbors bought the place as a retirement home, so they're only up here on weekends.

I'm not going to keep their rooster. I just want to play with him awhile. I want to:

Photoshop him standing in front of the Eiffel tower, on a beach in Florida, on safari in Africa. Turn those photos into postcards and mail em to my neighbors.... "Having a great time! Wish you were here! Love, Roo"

Then I wil return the roo looking sun-burned, wearing a tourist t-shirt and sunglasses and looking totally worn out.

Being a cop, DH won't let me play with the neighbors roo. He's no fun at all!

And I still maintain that I had NOTHING to do with those Christmas deer on the post office lawn ending up like they did!
My other idea. We ate a late supper sitting in the parking lot of the old walmart in town last night. Yeah, small towns are good for that kinda stuff
Hate fast food, couldn't go grocery shopping hungry, so...

Anyhow, the old wally world parking lot is also where all the teenagers hang out. I want to sit for hours and watch em. Have a camera with us and every once in awhile stick the camera out the window and take a pic of them. They know who DH is. Nothing like some paranoia to get them all behaving.

Or turn a 'coon loose in the police chiefs car at night.


So many things I'd like to do. DH nixes every one of them. He's no fun.

And just because I talked about doing that to the deer, doesn't mean I am the one that actually did it I tell ya!

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