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    May 12, 2009
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    i posted a few days ago about my torn up roo and my non eating hen.. the roo is doing well even though he was covered in blood from a fight.. the hen we brought in with him as she was not eating and empty crop and fluffed... after 3 days she was well enough to hop out of her box and i caught her eating my aparagus fern.. hey at least she is eating again.. she is still skinny so worming the whole flock today...she picked up eating well but not filling her crop full.. but ate corn. kale, pellets, cat food you name it.. hopefully she will eat more now that she is back with the other girls.. will keep a close eye on her.. thank you for your help.... i thought maybe you would like to see my wounded roo since he is doing so much better. he still has some scabs and scarring but he is very happy to be alive.. this is Grumbler.. because he sounds like a car engine trying to turn over all the time...he is very sweet and loves it in the house.. ugh but he has been in so long i will have to wait till spring to put him out again.. this time with his own pen and run and of course his own girls..

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    Good news- you've had a rough go![​IMG]

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