I want to try and convince my mom

Discussion in 'Quail' started by pringle, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Ive been researching quail and I find them so awesom.There small so you can keep them in small pens(not to small ofcourse!!!)and that the cortunix actually starts laying eggs 8 weeks of age or sooner when it takes a chickens somtimes 6 months.I think the would be easier to butcher and since I want to be a chef some day I want to see how there meat is at cooking.Ill probibly only get a few males at first with feamles butcher most of the males but keep a few for having fertilied eggs to incubate but ill keep em seperate most of the time so I can sell some of the unfertilized quail eggs at my dads farmers market were he already selling chicken eggs.I have the space,a few unused nice rabbit hutches I just have to modify them a little bit.But it all comes on down to my mom [​IMG] .When I first told her she looked very skeptical but I gave her a week and want to try again,and again,and again until I anoy her and she gives in [​IMG] .Im just wondering what are some things I should say to her?
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    Mar 26, 2009
    Coturnix take less feed than a chicken would to produce the same pound of eggs
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    Point out how quickly they grow. They're fun to watch. Their eggs are adorably bite-sized and make great appetizers.

    Our 11-year-old helped us butcher the quails in our kitchen sink. If he can do it, so can you!
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    Quote:This is the same problem i had with my parents. I researched and researched quail for over a year and I just kept making jokes about quail and how easy they are to raise.

    Monarc23 helped me lot! She gave me lots of advice. Some of the things she told me to tell my parents were:

    They are not as stinky as chickens.
    They dont eat as much food as chickens.
    They require 1 sq. ft per bird or less.
    They are very tasty.
    1 egg usually selss for $0.50 each or more.
    They are small and lay better than chickens.
    They are not as loud as chickens.
    They make fun pets.
    They are very hardy in the winter so you dont need to bring them inside.
    You will enjoy them! [​IMG] They can be for almost any aged person since they are so easy to care for.

    If you need any more reasons, just let me know! lol

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    I had to convince my parents too [​IMG]

    You could say that the unused rabbit hutches are going to waste and that they are more or less ready to be used, feed requirements are low, they lay plenty of eggs which taste delicious (even though ive never tried any lol)! The meat is great and the birds are ready to be butchered at about 8 weeks. Considering you have rabbit hutches at your disposal, you wont need to buy anything extremely expensive, only waterers, feeders, and food plus bedding. I wish you luck and they make great pets!
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    I didnt have to convince my parents. But i did have to convince my wife [​IMG]
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    I have to convince mine too, but i'll probally do the same as what i did with my ducks, go out and buy them and dont tell them ive got them until they see me walk in the back gate with them [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Good luck mate [​IMG]
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    Don't annoy her. Convince her. I wouldn't change my mind just because my kid keep asking, instead I lose something else for annoying me. If they worked hard at proving themselves though, then I would want to give them the chance to prove themselves. If you brought something home after I said no then it would be a bad day & I doubt I would change my mind after that.

    Just keep showing them that this is important to you by showing responsibility in all the research you do. If you take the time to show them this respect then it will be a easier road &they would probley even help you with them.
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    Good learning experience for capitalism.
    Profit/loss/buy/sell/trade. ect...

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