I was at the feed store this afternoon...


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May 7, 2007
I ran in to the feed store about 20 minutes before closing to get 2 bags of Flockraiser and when I went to check out the guy said, "do you want your 12 free birds?" Okay, I had noticed that they had about 200 new birds. There were a bunch of cornish/rocks and there were some australops and barred rocks. The CRs I am raising right now are just 2 days shy of being 4 weeks old and are already pretty big.

I caved and brought the 12 birds home.
I figured that if I didn't want to deal with meat birds beyond what I had alotted to the project, I would make "cornish game hens" out of them. Mom is quite taken with the babies and Dad is hoping that she is loosening up and will let him get some laying chickens soon.
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Yes, they were giving away 6 chicks with a purchase of a 50 pound bag of certain feeds.

Mom has been out to check on the chicks a number of times and Dad is just thrilled about her getting attached to them. He pulled me aside and asked me where I thought he aught to put the coop and what it should look like. It is very fun to see her getting attached to the cute little things. Ofcourse they won't be cute for long, but that doesn't seem to matter to her. My DH's only comment about the whole thing is "You're dangerous!"
I just laughed.
My local feed store has chickday the first weekend in April every year.They give you 6 free laying breed pullets if you buy 2 bags of start and grow.The only catch is they are the same breed.
It was a local feed store, but there is a chain store near by that did it last year. It was the Purina store. They are what I call those "city slicker" feed stores that look more like a gift shop than a farm and ranch supply.
They had a coupon for "buy one bag of feed and get 6 chicks". They had BO's and several other varieties. I would just call around to any that are near you tell them that other stores are doing this and ask if they will be...That you are needing some more feed and would be happy to patronize their store if they had such a deal.

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