I was bored during church and drew a cartoon...

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    Our pastor did a sermon once on an old Jewish custom of annointing one's guests when they came to the home. So the other day I was bored (our pastor goes on and on about grammatical terms and Greek words -- don't you love participle and the correct pronunciation of the word "logos"?!) and drew an cartoon about it on my bulletin. It's not the clearest photo... But Guy #1 comes to Guy #2's house. In the door he kneels down and G#2 annoints him with the annointing oil, saying "Welcome!" Well, he didn't pay too much attention, and dumped a little too much on G#1's head ("Oops..."), so G#1 gets really mad and storms out of the house, while G#2 stands in the doorway, and feels bad that he didn't pay attention.


    Yes, I was very bored. [​IMG]
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  2. chickendiva25

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    Quote:[​IMG] That's great! [​IMG]

    I'll be honest, I've gotten bored during my Priest homilies before. [​IMG] Its great at first, but after repeating the same thing in a different way each time gets a little.....boring. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Going to church, on a regular basis, is like being stuck in the 12th grade forever....Blah blah blah yamma yamma yamma.
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    Haha, this is great. And it was even related to the sermon [​IMG]

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    Thank you all. [​IMG] It was fun to do. I wish I could think of more ideas to make cartoons out of...

    Red&Yellow :

    Haha, this is great. And it was even related to the sermon [​IMG]

    I know! See, I do pay attention! [​IMG] I have to attend regularly because I am very involved. I play the only acoustic guitar on the worship team and I run the computer -- type up the prayer requests for the older folks who can't hear too well, and project the pastor's PowerPoint presentation while recording his sermon. Then I have to take the sermon file home and upload it to the church website. So I pretty much have to be there every week. It's just that the sermons get a little monotonous...

    There's another church in the area that has an evening service that I really enjoy -- a place for me to be able to worship without having to play my instrument, and they have interesting sermons. I haven't been able to attend as regular as I would like, but I think once I get my own vehicle that might change.​
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    I used to do the same thing in church but would draw pictures of certain people that were doing unusual things. Our pastor was never boring.
  7. theoldchick

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    I never drew during church, just daydreamed of riding horses. Unless Father Dom was doing the Mass. He liked to spice things up by throwing in his life experiences, and occasionally tossing an object into the audience.

    I wonder if people text during services?

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    My own priest sermons aren't boring, but some of them our bad, with socialist theorys! [​IMG]
  9. Amigo

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    Quote:Our previous preist was very good at sermons, and they were not very long.

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    Hahahah! I love the look on the guys face in the last frame!! Literally made me lol! [​IMG]

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