I was so proud haha

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  1. Half a dozen

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    May 12, 2014
    My 3 week old babies took themselves to bed and were all quietly peeping and snuggled together on the heat mat at dusk. It was only their 3rd night in the coop and the first 2 nights we had to put them in the house and close the pop hole before they ran back down the slope ha ha. So when I went out last night before bed to put them in the house and they were already in it and ready for bed i was so proud and had to come in and tell my other half and my daughter about it ha ha. Maybe silly but I just thought that was clever and adorable. I wanted to give each baby a kiss but obviously I didn't.
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    Jan 10, 2013
    You can kiss them good nite, just be sure to disinfect your lips afterwards [​IMG]

    IMO BYC is the only place you can tell these stories and find folks who really love to hear about it :) So glad they are learning quickly.
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    I know the feeling! You should be proud of the tykes. It's a big achievement going into the coop on their own. Not many chicks get it down so quickly.

    My now eight-week olds have had the going-in-at-night mastered for some time, but they're still struggling with the concept of roosting vs piling. Watching them attempt to "pile" while on the perch is both frustrating and amusing.

    It's what keeps them from pulling off a smooth operation. They keep knocking each other off the perch while trying to squirm underneath each other. I still love them even though they appear mentally challenged.
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    Jun 14, 2016
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    May 27, 2016
    Half A Dozen, I can totally understand your pride! Our babies are 4 weeks old--still in the brooder at night, but outdoors with our supervision quite a bit during the day. I have felt that same pride with every one of our babies' accomplishments! The first time one of them scratched the ground to look for yummy tidbits, I got very excited! My family thinks I've lost my mind! LOL!

    When they caught their first fly, I accidentally startled them by squealing with delight! And when one of them flew up onto the edge of their brooder for the first time and perched there, I cried! Ha ha ha!!! I agree with Sunflower that this is the place to share your stories! It truly is the only place you can tell stories like this and not be thought completely out of your mind! [​IMG]
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  6. Half a dozen

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    May 12, 2014
    I agree, my other half came out into the garden yesterday to watch my daughter and I free range our 3 4 week olds in the grassy area then he got bored and went to watch tv while we cooed after them and fiercely guarded them from our young curious cat ha ha. My small weaker baby who we have now nicknamed 'baby' as she's so much smaller than the other two has grown a bit now. She's had apple cider vinegar in her water a few times and poultry nutri drops into her beak yesterday, so she's getting there with surviving haha. She has been given the white softer worms out of the meal worms as she prefers those and I presume they're easier to digest. She is so sweet, she protests a bit when you pick her up but will happily relax and close her eyes as you talk to her softly and gently stroke the top of her fuzzy head. The big white sussex is the head girl the other two follow her lead, the blue ranger isn't as friendly as the other two. she doesn't like to be touched at all and runs away from us, but we will see if she comes around as she gets older. All is good in my little chicken world just wish it would stop raining everyday![​IMG]
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