I was sooo lucky last night....

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    I knew there were some wild critters around last night. I felt the 'disturbance in the force' so to speak. All my girls were accounted for this morning so I didn't really give it another thought. This evening, however, when I went to feed them I noticed the hardware clothe had been partially ripped off the side of the coop [​IMG] A couple of years ago my coop was cleaned out by coyotes and all I had left was a momma hen and 4 little babies that I had locked up in another area. So, following the BYC protocol, I had help in building a better and evidently sturdier coop. This coop stood the test but even so whatever it was that wanted in managed to pop three of the staples out along the top but wasn't able to capitalize. Phew!!! Thanks you guys!
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    I'm sure you've already done reinforcing repairs!!!

    Congrats on your success at predator control.
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    Man! Those coyotes are strong and they don't mess around! Good thing you built sturdy, Next step, hot wire!
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    Yes, and taken the extra precaution of locking the girls inside the house as well as inside the run.
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    Whoa! Ain't that the scariest feeling when you find evidence of the coyotes, or any other predator, getting that close to your birds? [​IMG]

    We found evidence of coyotes (or maybe that pair of rotten dogs that had gotten Gimpy and Lacey last autumn, I still can't be sure which it was) around our coop one morning. They had managed to pop a couple of the staples on the chicken fencing too. One of them must have cut themselves on the wire because we found bloody nose and paw prints on the glass of the human door going into the coop.

    We kicked things into high gear that morning, let me tell ya! Since this happened during a sever cold snap, I knew the girls were safe since the small hen door was closed that night to help keep them warm. If the chicken wire hadn't stopped the predators, and if the hen door had been open, there's a good chance they could have gotten in to the girls.

    But those bloody nose and paw prints on the big door just totally unnerved me! We set about putting up an extra perimeter around the scratch yard and the big door of heavy duty field fencing. Heck! Even we have a hard time getting in there in the mornings now! [​IMG] So, I feel pretty sure coyotes and other predators can't get in there now.

    I sure hope you don't get any more visits from the local wildlife Pupsnpullets. Nobody needs that kind of "disturbance in the force"! [​IMG]
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    Oh yes... glad nothing happened to your chickies!

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