I was told this was a girl. It has a very red comb, were they right?


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Apr 30, 2011
Liverpool, England
I got this chicken yesterday and was told it was a Silver Sussex 13 week old pullet. Is this correct as her comb is very red for such a young girl? Also she doesn't really look like the Silver Sussex that I have seen on BYC. She has feathers down the outside of her legs and the odd fleck in her feathers but is predominantly black. She has also got a bit of a greenish blue sheen. Please tell me she is a girl


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She looks definitely like a pullet. I have 2 that look exactly just like her. Can't tell ya what breed....Black Somethings is all I can remember. Bought them from TSC in April. Her comb is red but will get MUCH BRIGHTER & REDDER as she matures. Mine also has a blue/green sheen in their feathers when in the sun light. If you find out exactly what breed I'd like to know.
What color are her legs and feet? I don't know if she's a ba her eyes are really yellow. All my bas have dark eyes and are stunning green/blue . There looks to be a brown hue to the feathers? Maybe it's just the picture.
Aloe they have clean legs. So Shes a mutt then, unless some one knows a feathered leg breed.
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