I was told to start my meat chicks off on purina grower is this ok??

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Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
It's my first time with meat birds...they are not cornish cross but they are Freedom Rangers purchased from JMHatchery. Since it does not come in crumble (only pellet) will the chicks be able to eat this? Or is there something else I should start them off on? Thanks for any info!
Just make sure the protein is 20% or more, and you'll be fine. As for the pellets, I would think that might be too big for them to eat. You can crush it if you're really ambitious, but personally, I'd just get them something that came in crumble.
That's your choice. I don't feed medicated- my thought is that if I wanted chemicals, I'd by birds from the store. Plus it's not a magic bullet for keeping them alive.
Good point...funny, my hubby just told me the same thing (whats the points of buying them to raise)
He says NO medicated feed so I guess that answered my question. Thanks for your help...I'm getting them at 7am tomorrow (HOPEFULLY) and so I decided to (for now) chop up the grower feed and look to see what other types they have tomorrow morning. I have four different types of feed here at the home already whats one more!?

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