I was wondering about shipping birds?

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    May 13, 2009
    i am going to get some birds shipped to me from florida. i live in maine. they are bantam shamo. when the lady says she will ship me birds what does she mean. will they come on a plain. and they are not that old but what are the chances of them getting cold and dying. Im just really nervous that they will die or starve or something happining to them their are 6 of them they are a mounth old
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    They get put in a box, and shipped via overnight mail by the USPS. If they are young chicks your chances of them being DOA increase.
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    You should asked how the shipper will send them.. Even in more friendly temperatures than winter, many of the commercial hatcheries do not send small quantities of birds or they will send with "packing" peanuts.....baby chicks that are extras that are put in the package to help keep the temperature up. I've ready about warming pads being sent with baby birds. But I wouldn't know how many need to be put in the package or how long they would last.

    The USPS states:
    "Mailing Live Animals
    Customers shipping live animals must ensure all packaging requirements are met. Live animal shipments may be presented at any Post Office; however, the service standard may be affected depending on the availability of transportation from the drop-off site.

    Customers sending Express Mail shipments containing live animals should expect a 2-3 day transport of their shipment. Shipping early in the week is suggested, and holiday weeks may have limited acceptance days and times. Express Mail postage will not be refunded unless the delivery or attempted delivery is more than three days after the day of mailing. "

    There are also USPS standards for when poultry can or cannot be mailed....I don't yet ship poultry but my Post Mistress mentioned that there are certain temperatures when they are not allowed to ship.... You might check USPS.com or your post master. There are mailer manuals on line as well that you could look at".

    Again, talk with your shipper regarding their plans to ship and decide if you believe that they can be transported safely at this time of year. Hope this was helpful....

    I would encourage you to ask them all your questions and certainly try to mail early in the week where they will get to you in time and not on weeks where there are holidays.

    Have a blessed New Year.

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