"I wasn't doin' nothing!" or " trick or treat"??

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    today, I heard my girls making a ruckus and it sounded like it was from the little girls! The run is divided by chain link panels and a gate --little girls on one side, big girls on the other.. So, I go out to see what's up--as I get to the door, [​IMG] I notice one of the little girls is in the big girls side.. So, I started taking the locks off the gate and see the little girl sliding back under the dividing gate... I put the clips/locks back on and start to walk away... Decided I would throw them some bird seed, get back to the gate and there stands the SAME little girl! I open the gate and she runs back under the dividing gate again and stands there on her own side---w/ the look that says "I wasn't doing anything..." OR maybe she was just praticing 'trick or treating' [​IMG]

    Seems the big girls had been sunbathing and had dug a hole and of course it was right under the gate that divides the two runs...
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    Funny Story [​IMG]

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    Escape artist in the making. [​IMG]

    Best put you foot down now [​IMG]
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    Great way for integrating the flocks. She can run back home if the older birds pick on her.[​IMG]
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    Edit [​IMG].
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