I Will Miss Them So Much ;(

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    Sep 9, 2012
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    I have many friends and i love all of them like family but i have a deep sadness because i know we will all go separate ways never see eachother again and maybe lucky enough to be a memory. I really want my friends close by me but it seems people today have no interest in close friendship no one goes eachothers house everyone acts like a complete stranger to eachother I chose only 2 good friend i know and will keep in touch with till the day i die. I hope to see their children to be a family.

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  2. serama hen

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    Sep 9, 2012
    Nothern New Jersey
    But does anyone think this dream will happen i envited about 4 friends and everyone had the best time but when they left one by one i felt smaller sadder and empty. I hate being alone and im verry sensitive. I get depressed easily feeling hurt easily and so on. I mask myself and my sadness because sad people have no friends.
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    Not sure what all got edited out but I am going to assume that you are keeping yourself in a pretty unhappy place mentally. To a certain extent it is a choice. Don't mask things because that doesn't fix anything. Rather try your very hardest to change your outlook. If you focus on the negative and say and think negative paths for yourself then that is what will follow. You have to convince yourself of positives by speaking and thinking positively. Its great to think of getting older together but honestly most of the times friends end up growing apart because they all change and thats still a good thing because as you are growing you are going to meet wonderful people who you have a great deal in common with along the way. They are people who are growing in a similar direction, so it all works out. Sometimes friends do last forever and thats great too. No matter what happens though you have to choose to focus on the positive and let go and refuse to dwell on the negative. Negative thoughts will only make you sadder and more depressed.

    Here is something that was recently taught to me by a therapist.

    I picked negative feelings that I have and pared each one with a positive statement that I focus on. This helps pull me out of a funk or an anxiety attack or just out of a bad day. I never say I am going to feel loved. I say I AM LOVED. I AM CALM. You have to take possession of the positive and make yourself believe it.

    Sad----------I am Joyful
    Anxious----I am calm
    nervous----I am relaxed
    lonely-------I am loved
    afraid-------I am protected
    in danger------I am safe ( unwarrented feelings of danger like with anxiety)
    rejected------I am accepted. I accept myself.
    useless------I am worth knowing. I am worthwhile. I am valued

    I focus on those positives and refuse to linger in then negative thoughts.

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