**I will never get it finished!! Help Me**


8 Years
Feb 16, 2011
New Jersey
OMG, I don' think I will ever get my coop finished! The babies are 25 days old. These babies are 4 silkies. They are living with 7 13 day olds. In that bunch all I know is I have 1 silkie. ( I rly like my silkies
). I dont think I will ever get this coop done. I havent even started it yet. The one I want to build is this one: https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=20375-cottage-coop. All I am keeping is 2 silkies and I haven't decided out of the other 6 mutts. I know for sure I am only keeping 3. Can you guys give me a little motivation because i just really dont feel like building this. My dad is going to help me but he is a procrastinater and doesnt like to start things until we actually need to. Please give me tips on how to motivare him and me. I just feel so
to build it because i dont want to mess up.


9 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Ocala, Florida.
Awww what a cute coop that is! Do you have any of the materials yet? It doesnt look hard to build at all! Just make sure it is low enough for the silkies not to be intimidated with the ramp. Maybe if you could scrounge up a few starter type materials and start banging away in the garage your Dad would step in to "help"
then let the
flow when it doesnt go right?

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