I wish I spoke "chicken".

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    Mar 25, 2014
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    Our SLW Lacy is a house chicken until she has all her feathers back and has put on a few pounds. Being in the house in the evenings, over night and early morning before she goes out to her private run she's become something of a pet. We all stop and talk to her and pet her and I've started putting her on my shoulder as I walk around the house. Well she does this cluck, more like a pep pep pep pep noise, and nibbles at my hand while I'm walking with her and I would love to know what she's saying. I can call her and she'll come running up and jump in my hand when she's outside and if we're anywhere near her she follows us around.

    Hope we didn't ruin her for reintegrating back in the flock come spring. If I spoke chicken I guess she'd tell me.

  2. Toddrick

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    Sep 28, 2014
    It sounds like a happy bird to me. She is probably asking for a treat, but either way if it is a calm and quiet cluck then it sounds like happiness and security to me.
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    Agreed. She sounds happy and content.

    Removing her from the flock for an extended period might make reintegration difficult for her later down the track though. I guess you might just have to pretend she is an entirely new chicken, and put her in a separate pen in the coop, and progress onwards from there down the usual path.

    If worst comes to worst she can always just stay a house chicken! She sounds happy that way, lol.

    - Krista

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