I wish I'd had the camera outside with me today...

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    Cause I would have caught the most AMAZING pictures! This afternoon I took all my 5 week old chicks outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. They've been cooped up (no pun intended!) in their brooder due to bad weather for almost a week now, and they were itching to get out and explore and play. So I brought them all outside to the pen that they know how to escape from, and I settled into my lawn chair to watch them. I had my Doxie Kendall out with me as he is the only dog that I trust around the chicks. So Kendall is laying on the grass next to my chair, and the chicks are jumping around and playing inside the pen, and of course, the smaller ones begin to slip through the bars and run around. Well, my BR pullet Hope came up to the side of the pen and looked up at me. I knew she wanted to come out and play too, so I reached in and scooped her up. I set her on the grass and she ran over to the other chicks and tried to engage them in a game of tag. They all ignored her. Poor Hope ended up standing there, looking so lonely, watching the other chicks forage. The other chicks continued to ignore her, so she wandered over to me and I reached down and petted her for a bit, and then she spotted Kendall. So she saunters over to him and pulls the hair on his ear. He doesn't flinch. So she pulls his hair again, this time on his tail. He lifts his head and looks at her, and then lays his head back down. So she gets RIGHT in his face, and peeps. He sits up, looks at her, and she does the little dance that she had just tried on the other chicks to get them to play with her, and Kendall gets up and plays tag with her! She was soooo happy! He did his little grunting and growling like he does when he plays, and they took turns chasing each other. Then he returned to his spot to lay back down. Hope went over and gently picked the grass and dirt from his hair, and then hopped up on his back for a moment. Then she hopped down and went to forage. She got what she wanted, someone to play with her. It was just so cute to watch! I knew he wouldn't hurt her, he's NOTHING like a typical Doxie. He's quiet (except when he plays), laid back, doesn't bark much, doesn't chase things, doesn't go after small living things with intent to kill, he's just TOTALLY the opposite of every Doxie I've ever met. He's a Mini Chocolate long haired, and SUCH a loverboy. I think Hope may have found a wonderful new friend. Darn I wish I'd had the camera with me... [​IMG]
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    This is a wonderfully sweet story, love it! [​IMG]
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    That is so sweet,, take your camera out with you tomorrow!
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    I'm usually never without my camera, so naturally the most picture perfect opportunity would occur while I was unarmed, lol!
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    You posted the most charming word picture... Thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] How sweet!
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    that's so cute

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