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We all get the same advice as new parents...But what are those tidbits of golden information that you wish someone had shared with you BEFORE you had kids? I'm not talking about the standard "Sleep when they sleep" type of advice...I'm talking about the WARNING type of advice no one ever shares...I'll start:

I wish someone would have told me that there comes a certain stage in every child's life where they will turn into a small monkey child and play with their poop. There's really no being prepared for this.

I wish someone would have warned me that turning your back for a single second is basically letting the inmates run the prison.

Don't ever think anything is "Out of their reach."

There is no such thing as "Kid Proof"

There will be times where you wonder why you didn't just name your kids "No!" and "Don't touch that!"...Or "Get that out of your mouth!"

Musical toys will be the bane of your existence for 5-6 years.

Sometimes toys go off in the middle of the night, and besides being insanely creepy, it will wake the baby.

Forget "Alone time" in the bathroom...that is a thing of the past.

If your child says they have a surprise for you, and to close your eyes...DO NOT DO IT.

It is possible to destroy a house with nothing but a granola bar and 5 to 10 minutes.

Some of these I've learned first hand, some I've seen first hand (and thank god I didn't have to handle...)

Being a parent has been the best thing I've ever done. I absolutely love it...but I do wish there was a handbook with this type of information in it. Let's start one.


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Live in a rural area where you can delicately control who your children get to associate with. We never said, "You can't hang with that kid." We just made transportation in either direction impossible to arrange.


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Other parents will feel they have to "one up you" on things. Around here it is what school your kids attend, but it could be anything. Also, grand kids are amazing.


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There is no shame in being wrong. Admit it when you are.
The shame is in being too proud to admit you are wrong.
Apologize when you need to apologize.

Tell them Everyday that you love them... even when you don't like them very much. Especially then.

They need to know that mom and dad are real people just like them. That parents can mess up and be able to admit it.

Fix what you break. Hugs and duct tape are very important.
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