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  1. its almost solid as a rock, moving back to suburban life, i'm moving back to the same house as i was when i first got a BYC account. MEDINA MN! they don't allow "Poultry" unless you have 2 acres of land, well i have a third of an acre, today i'm going to ask for a Zoning Variance, like i read in my Raising Chickens For Dummies my parents said it would be ok, i could get 2 pullets! but not as chicks [​IMG] i'll just have to go pick up the 2 from strombergs. i wish i didn't move! i'm acktually in Medina MN right now. any suggestions on which cold hardy breeds i should get?

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  2. but even if i don't get approved to get chickens, i got my school, and you fellas to back me up and pation them, my school really supports me with chickens (this is a different school then the one in ND)
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    Best of luck on getting a variance. [​IMG]
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    The only thing that I can say for cold hardiness... I have had many varieties over the years and the only problems that I have had were with larger comb types getting frostbite on the combs. So stick with smaller comb types, or types with pea combs. The ones that got frozen were roosters (Buff Orp and Barred Rock) and Leghorns, hens and roos. Sorry about the move and how did I miss another Dak here?!?
  5. i'm pretty sue my neighboor to the left of my house would be fine with me getting chickens. they have like, 4 dogs, and 2 hens would be much quieter
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    I can't figure out why people can have giant evil looking, car chasing dogs, but in some areas, no chickens! [​IMG] Oh, well, I'm not really one to talk, I have 3 Great Pyranese.... Sometimes ADULTS don't want to get out of thier cars! We will go out there, and they will point and go, "are they safe??"
    [​IMG] Anyway, I hope it all works for ya!
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    My 2 tops would be:

    Chantercler (sp?)

    Both hardy and bred for cold weather.
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    It drives me crazy how fearful some places are of chickens. Now, don't get me wrong, I love all animals, but if I had to choose between a neighbor with two dogs and a neighbor with two chickens, I'd pick the chickens every time.

    I hope you get your variance.

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