I won a writing contest about why I love arabians

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    There was a contest on FB put out by Flairpark Pintabians and Arabians, and the winner would get 250 worth of handmade jewelry, or boarding/stud fee/ price off a horse or a design piece for a business.
    I am tossing up the decision of the design piece or the jewelry.. I want to give my Barn owner a nice sign, if they could make a light weight one and have it shipped out...
    IF not the jewelry.!!

    SO here is my story, it had to be short.. so stuff was left out, but its about my gelding Charlie, I had him in my early 20's, he had quite the life before I got him. Including being ridden into bars and having a bull whip cracked while being ridden, plowing small garden plots and being on a 6 horse hitch for a stage coach...
    The Horse that was chosen to be a messenger from God.

    Charlie was a grade arab, he had papers at some point in his time and had been trained to do park or country pleasure. I had always loved Arabians, their very n...ature, timeless beauty, adaptability and love they have for US, their people.
    He had been sold at auction, trained to harness and ridden in parades. He came into my life in my early 20’s, he was 14. I found a small bit of pasture almost in the middle of the city of Sacramento California. We rode the streets and small gardens, found other places that had a few cows or a pony or horse in fields behind homes.
    When we rode, people would stop and ask if he was a Lipizzaner horse, I said no, an Arabian, he had a “jiggy-Jog” that lovely high step that a saddleseat type horse would have. He had the traits that made people stop and notice, the lovely curved neck, tippy ears, and the flagged tail happily waving as we trotted and rode around.
    In April of 1996, there was a terrible storm and it blew down the gate to Charlie’s pasture, he was alone at that time. He went wandering around, heading towards where he knew there were other horses. The day that Charlie got out, an Eiu Mien man said, “You will see a white horse.” He was in San Francisco, another said the same thing, in Tacoma, WA. Later that day, Charlie wandered into one of their neighborhoods, no halter, no lead rope. The people of Laos/Vietnam are the Eiu Mien, they try to live in large groups, filling neighborhoods, being a community. The Eiu Mien thought a type of Apocalypse was going to occur, they saw signs, a turtle wandering in a place it might not normally be seen, a snake doing the same, one good, one evil…
    I went looking for him, calling the police, calling the shelters. I found out he was at the AC so went to get him. I went in and was asked to go into an office to talk to the director, He said my horse had caused quite a stir.
    He explained about the Eiu Mien, thought my horse, Charlie was a messenger from God. He was bringing them a message. Well I was speechless, and skeptical. I paid the money to get Charlie out, and went to bring him home; with a large number of vehicles following us.
    The news got a hold of the story and while I had to go home for a while, Charlie entertained guests, Eiu Mien shamans came out, the newspaper, three t.v. stations came out. And that afternoon, I was there when 1 of the stations came out and the camera man was out filming Charlie, he swore that as the sun showed through the clouds, Charlie had wings of clouds.
    Many visitors came out over the next weeks, skeptics became believers. Charlie, being an Arabian, being friendly and sweet, he walked & talked with the Shamans. They said whatever language they spoke he understood them, had picnic’s with families, and helped them to launch their first Eiu Mien to English story book. The change they expected, the apocalyptic change had happened. God had sent my horse to tell them something. My Arabian who was my friend & companion, became something greater. His ancestory, his breed, helped him become the guiding light of a people who foresaw him as a messenger of God. He passed on at 19, the Shamans blessed him then too.


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    Congrats on winning the contest!!! Neat story too.
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    Very cool! [​IMG]
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    Cool story! I'd go with the sign myself...who really needs more jewelry, anyway, and it's always good to keep happy relationships at a barn!

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    This may sound like a stupid question - is this a true story?
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    Yes, it is, I had to leave out a LOT of details as the story could only be 600 words, it was back in the early 90's. I have tried to get the story from the newspaper's online archives, I may call them to see if I can get copies of the story, and the follow up's they did.
    Charlie truly was a beacon of change to the Eiu Mien and the Hmong during that time. They used to bring him rice and an asian meat/veggie dish. I gave him the rice, and the neighbor dogs got the rest. I did get quite a collection of very large spoons, Not sure why those were left....
    I will tell more later off to feed horses.

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