I would like to know the breed and/or gender of this chick

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  1. I posted this in another forum and was told to post here also, so here I go...

    My neighbor turned some of his young chickens loose to free range and they come over to our yard which is fine with us I just wanted to know the breed of this one little chicken. They said I could keep it if I wanted it but I would like to know about the breed. When I asked the neighbor he just says "well I got some game chickens, Easter Eggers, Ameraucanas, Reds and all". Hmm... He has a large incubator that holds like 500 eggs and gets eggs from different places so I'm not sure he even knows. I guess about 8 to 10 weeks old. The chicken has black on its tail and around it's neck like a Delaware but has blue colored feet. I would also like to know if this is a pullet or roo if possible to tell.

    Mostly white with black around the neck and on the tail.

    Looking at the one in the back.

    Blue feet.
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    it's a mixed breed. Is it possible to get a better head/comb shot? It's hard to tell gender, although I'm not seeing anything screaming rooster.

    Love the white body and the slate legs!
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    I think its a girl, black/ blue feet, dies he have any Orpington, or silkies or anything ? ( I realize Orpingtons are meant to have pinkish grey feet but I've seen quite a few with grey,blue,black legs)
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    The chickens look to be a pullet Gamefowl cross the Blue legs may have came from the Gamefowl, both Hatch and Kelso can come Blue legged.
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    Here are three tips in sexing chickens at this age.

    1. Combs will be bigger and redder in cockerals than in pullets.
    2. In all breeds except Campine and Sebright, the saddle feathers on cockerals will be pointed while the pullet's will be rounded.
    3. The cockerals will seem more adventurous than the pullets.
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  6. The neighbor the chick belongs too has Gamefowl, EE and Ameraucana so I guess it is an EE? It must be Gamefowl mixed with EE or Ameraucana.
  7. If it comes over again tomorrow I will try to get a better head shot.
  8. My neighbor gave her to me. I saw her rooster daddy and he is an Easter Egger and the hen momma is Old English Game.

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