I would love a mentor. Very new to chicks and need lots of advice !!


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
My son and I have been wanting chicks for a long time. We bought 2 yesterday, a Silkie and a Japanese.... very adorable.... we are needing advice from the most basic of care techniques. I have been spending a lot of time browsing this site and hoping I don't get more addicted and that I can stay happy with just TWO chicks until we get a yard, because we are in a townhome for now....

We have a light for heat, food and water, but no dishes for food and water - just makeshift stuff around the house. Things tip over and we are checking on them all day long (which is a joy!)... We are doing medicated food.

I am on MSN chat and Facebook chat and would love a couple of people I could reach on a regular basis with questions and anyone who just loves to give advice and demands!!!
<I know you're out there!!>

Please help us raise our first chickies well.
Lots of advice??? you found the spot. Im new to the chicken thing as well. Every question Ive asked here. Has been answered in a hour or so. Dont be afraid to ask. No question is stupid. I learned years ago a moment of embarressment is better than a lifetime of ignorrance.
Even with TWO chicks, you will be needing LOTS more room when they grow up. I know, they are cute.....BUT...you have to provide them with an environment that they can survive in. They are not gold fish.

Your landlord may not allow for "pets" like this, so do you have an alternative plan of action? Seriously, have you considered the chicks welfare when they get bigger?
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Yes, actually I am a quite experienced pet owner who researches extensively. I have come a long long way from the girl who bought 2 baby turtles and put them in a tiny container with no heat and not much water because the stupid sellers said that was fine for them. We have owned many exotic animals and I know a lot about pet care. We own our townhome and have plenty of space to take them outside and have protection to do so. We are letting them free in the house under our supervision often. There are no rules about what pets we may own. All I was asking for was expert advice on the best watering systems and things that might be bad for them when they are young and a few ideas to keep them happiest and healthiest while I learn more.
Go down to your local feed store and see what they have for feed and water dishes. You can usually get a feeder/water down there for relatively cheap - that won't tip over! If I have a lot of chicks, I will sometimes use a pie plate or cake pan for food and/or water - they can't tip those over and they've shallow enough that the chicks won't drown in them. If you are using a bowl to water them, you might consider putting rocks or marbles on the bottom to make it a little more shallow (and harder to tip!).

This is a great forum - keep reading; you'll learn a LOT.
Thanks spring chicken and burntmuch! I have been learning so much, and appreciate the welcome. There is an overflow of information...... that's why I worry about getting too addicted too soon. We hope to move in a few months and these 2 are to hold me over until I can have my mini farm one day :c) I have been reading for probably 18 hours straight LOL

I love the pictures and the questions and even the complaints.... there is so much out there that I never knew! All excited!
Dumb cluck (funny name

We bought them at a chicken swap at a TSC so most of the supplies needed were sold out.... I am using a dish and a glass butter top to hold water for now. tomorrow I will head out to get better supplies... I'm so excited to enjoy these cuties and see them grow. And I"m really hoping they are both girls, because I don't have an escape hatch for crowing...... sigh
Here are a couple of links with pictures of a small waterer and a feeder.
This size would work good for you since you only have 2....for right now!!!



Keep them out of drafts, keep their pen (cage or whatever) dry, have a warm section and a cooler one so they can regulate their own body heat as needed, clean water, chick starter and lots of love and attention!

That should pretty much do it for right now.
You will need to buy some sort of waterer, though, to keep their bedding dry. The little rascals will tip a shallow dish over as soon as you turn your back.

There are lots of things as they get older, but temperature and no drafts are the biggest things at the moment if they are newly hatched chicks.

OH...Congratulations on your new adventure!!!

Be careful lol I started with with two 2 months ago and now we have 48 plus eggs coming. My wife and I have only been at this for 2 months but we have been though quiet a bit so don't be afraid to pm me if I am not on my wife usually is. If we don't know the answer and no one has answered any post we know quiet a few who have been doing this for years that may know the answers. Waters and feeders for chicks I do recommend to go to the feed store to get those when hey get older that is when I recommend using household products. Yet I am and my wife is on facebook. You can look up Brad Terbizan and Cherranie Terbizan I don't think we will be hard to find.

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