Ice Road Truckers


Is Mostly Harmless
12 Years
Jul 16, 2009
I (very) recently started watching a few early episodes of Ice Road Truckers. Those people are insanely brave!
It's pretty cool and very scary to see the ice cracking under the trucks' weight.

Is anyone else in awe of truck drivers because of this show?
I love this show too! There is a thread out there that talked about Ice Road Truckers. Last summer I love the IRT dangerous roads which the drivers had to go to India and do all kinds of things.....yikes!

I love the women drivers, wooo hoooooo! Alex is a good bear while Polar Bear is a sneak.
I saw where IRT Dangerous Roads is coming back on this fall. This time in South America.
Yep..tis a good show! Hubby just got his Class A CDL, so we watch all those trucker shows.

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