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    Oct 3, 2009
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    I have obtained half of my flock from, Sand Hill Preservation center, who state on their website “We are genetic preservationists that are in this for the genetic diversity of this planet we all call home. Our primary mission is the preservation of our genetic resources.” I have found they are conscientious and dedicated! Sand hills flock oringinated from Ed Hart who obtained them from Lyle Behl. I also received help from a very committed kind lady who trusted me with hatching eggs. Her lines originated from stock from Sigrid Thordorson, and Lyle Behl.
    I now have 4 Icelandic roosters and 15 hens. I am determined to support the integrity and purity of the breed. I do have hatching eggs for sale at times, for those who also are passionate for the breed. If you are interested, you must be committed to keeping them pure and never crossbreed them, or we may lose this genetic treasure!
    Shipping is 15.00

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