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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Rare Feathers Farm, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Rare Feathers Farm

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    I just need to vent...

    Come home--open up credit card bill and see a bunch of charges we didn't make. Spent hours on the phone with different companies and the bank. Had to close account. Looks like money will be all refunded. But still a royal PITA.

    Then we find out we've got a pack rat living in our heat duct system under the house. A BIG, smelly one that's chewed through the duct work, peed on everything, ripped up insulation and made a huge mess...DH kept blaming the smell on the cat box but I told him it wasn't cat pee! [​IMG] So far, the estimates we have to replace the entire thing vary but the lowest one is $4,000.00

    Lastly, I just got onto my eBay to check my auctions and noticed new feedback. I went on and someone left me NEUTRAL feedback! First time in 10+ years.

    Apparently, she was angry that the auction for 3+ eggs goose eggs only included 3 eggs and that none hatched oh and they were "dirty." I did put in the auction that it was guaranteed 3 eggs, but I'd ship more if they became available. They didn't. I don't wash my eggs before shipping. I brush them off--but for God's sake--they're GEESE! I keep their nesting shelters as clean as I can...but THEY'RE GEESE! I have had excellent fertility here this year with all of my geese and hatched out eggs I deemed too dirty to send without an issue.

    Funny thing, she e-mailed me several times and asked many questions about hatching geese (or attempting to) including incubation with chicken eggs. I gave her advice from my own experience and told her to not try chicken and goose eggs in the same incubator at the same time. She said okay and made it sound like she had two incubators and ended up buying another auction from me for chicken eggs. I shipped both on the same day. She e-mailed me a few days later and said all of the chicken eggs had made it but one of the goose eggs had cracked. I told her about sealing it with wax and didn't hear anything else. Today, she just left the neutral feedback.

    I've been a member of eBay for more than 10 years but I think this is the last straw. I'm just so tired of dealing with people like this...I tried to put in as many disclaimers into the auction as I could-including how hard geese eggs are to hatch...still didn't work. Sighs.

    I guess I'll just have to focus on selling on BYC because you guys seem to be more reasonable! LOL
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    Aug 25, 2011
    [​IMG] Hope things are better for you soon.
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    Apr 12, 2011
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    If this was your first neutral feedback in 10 years I wouldn't let it tear down your whole operation. Anyone with a clue knows shipped eggs are a risk.. if you buy three and none hatch it's such a small number you can hardly place blame on anyone. I wouldn't let it bring you down. You've been successful for 10 years. Ignore the nonsense and carry on as you would had this never happened.
  4. Rare Feathers Farm

    Rare Feathers Farm Overrun With Chickens

    Thank you!
  5. Rare Feathers Farm

    Rare Feathers Farm Overrun With Chickens

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Hope you have some better days ahead. I would wash eggs before a food sale,but I think it would be a very bad idea to wash hatching eggs.....and I never hatched before.
    I would post that on ebay that hatching eggs will be cleaned off as best as possible,but never washed since it would remove the protective coating.

    One neutral in 10 years is good,but I can understand how that was a blow after all the other things.Darn rat and credit card thief!

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