I'd like to thank my chicks...

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    We bought this 109 year old farmhouse last summer, and we could not wait to get some chickens this spring. We have a few buildings on the property already, and one of them was used for quail, or pheasants I guess. It's a big building, and we can probably fit 40 or so birds in it.
    Anyway, we have to some repairs to the building before the chicks can go in there, and the weather has not been cooperating these past couple of weeks. We currently have our chicks in our basement. It's a big basement, very old stone walls, a cistern etc.
    Our larger chicks are starting to get too big for their brooder, so I usually go down there a few times a day to let em roam around. It's still too cold, wet, and muddy for them to go outside yet.
    I was sitting there watching the little ones having a rugby match with a pine shaving, and I noticed our olders ones at my feet were all standing up real straight with their necks strained, looking at something behind me.
    I was trying to figure out what it was they were staring at, and I start hearing... bzzt, bzzzt, bzzzzzzt. What the heck is that? My older chicks were also getting very nervous. I turn around and look... It was a live electrical wire sending out huge sparks.
    I go darting up the stairs, and trying not to panic, and tell my DH... please come downstairs right away. He knew something was wrong though.
    He's an electrical guy thankfully, and I show him this wire that's shooting sparks out all over the place. He's trying to find the breaker for this mystery wire. Im gathering up chickens, thinking the house is going to catch on fire.
    Apparently, there was a live exposed wire going outside of our house under the deck. It was not attached to anything. All the rain, and snow we have been having was getting the wire wet, which caused it to spark like that. If our chicks had not been down there we probably would have never noticed this wire, and it probably would have caught our house on fire.

    So,I am saying thanks to our chicks ( including our mean buff orp Ms. Dotty). They have earned extra treats today [​IMG] Grapes, Oatmeal, and yogurt will be on the menu...

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    Glad you all caught that in time and the chickens warned you [​IMG] Good Chickes
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    Our house is 103 years old, when we were having electrical problems we had a guy come in to check it out and he said he couldn't believe thats the kind of wiring the house had and he had no idea why there hadn't been a fire yet. We had to rewire most of the house, also the entire house was working on only 3 circuit breakers! I guess you do owe your chickens a thanks!
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    Hehe yeah. They got a huge helping of oatmeal, and grapes this morning. Even the evil buff orp Ms. Dotty was somewhat friendly [​IMG]

    My DH said the wiring is recent, but whoever was trying to add things later on was a hack. He said the wire last night went outside to the house, but wasn't connected to anything at all. We would not have noticed it from the basement because it looked like the other wires going out to the garage, chicken house, etc. We wouldn't have seen it from the outside either because it was under the deck.

    Just glad we caught it before anything bad happened [​IMG]

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    that is great!

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