ID my chick -- chipmunk-like markings


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Jul 27, 2016

Hi, does anyone happen to know what breed of chicken this 3 day old chick is???? Many thinks!!!

Link isn't working for me either.

but chipmunk markings are common to multiple breeds, so it may be too early to tell anyways. Try again when the bird is feathered out.
Hi again. Here is a photo from today, my chicks are two weeks old. I now think that the tree bantams might be either Orpington or austalorp. They are single-combed (although of the three, one had an orangish comb at hatch and the other two had black), are smooth legged with black on the legs and yellowish on the feet. I noticed that their first wing feather is white, the rest are black.

I have no clue yet about the full-sized one that had the chipmunk markings.

Sorry about the non-functioning links....
The above picture shows the regular-sized on the left and the bantam on the right. You can see the bantam's orange comb.

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