Id please


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8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
wondering what type of breed this might be


sorry for the poor pic quality it was taken with my phone
lol I guess so I will rtry to find my camera, I have not seen it since we moved. hope to get a better pic up soon. I thought she might be a cochin but im not sure
Okay she has a single comb for sure but I cant get close enough to her to check out her legs and they are so covered with feathers I cant tell from a few feet away. thank you for the help I will try to get better pics. I kinda thought she was a Blue Cochin, I got her from a neighbor down the highway who has chickens and I guess she was getting pretty beat up by some roosters so now she should be safe. Its funny cause when I was just starting to think about getting chickens and started to do my research I thought I would like to get a Cochin and now I might just have one

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