ID problem with friends birds


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Mar 31, 2010
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I have never had too many problems with my own birds. It has proven to be a blessing and a curse. I can't diagnose many problems from experience! LOL! I went to a friends farm and she has a flock of birds that are losing feathers on their backs, tails, and bellies, Most are naked below their wings and the skin is bright red. At first, I thought they had been over bred but there is only one roo in with a dozen hens. She has other birds and they don't look like this. Any ideas? Has anyone had this happen with mites or lice? I can't imagine it only affecting one flock of birds when there are others separated only by chain link fence.
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Sounds like they are pecking each other and pulling out feathers...this is often pre cannibalistic behaviour. I doubt they are all moulting at once...
It could be an older group of birds in molt. The other group of birds might be too young to molt. In any case, tell your friend to inspect them for lice/mites, and to observe them for feather picking. If it's feather picking or molt, tell her to feed them gamebird feed and wean them back to regular feed after molt. (If that's what it is.)
Thanks, Smoochie and Dawg. I will have to try to help her with the instructions for monitoring and inspection and I'm not sure she will invest in the more expensive feed. She really has more animals than she can afford, but she loves them and wants to do the right thing. I think she should let them free range (she has others that do) but she wants to keep them separate because they are pure bred birds. I will let her know what y'all suggested, thanks again!

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