ID this breed and Sex my Pekin?


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So here are my babies when I first got them


Saw them for sale in town, being sold as pekins and runners. Picked the little brown one because he was smallest by at least half and got the Pekin to be a sort of big brother. The shop knew nothing about them other than the apparent breed.

As my duckies (merry and pippin) grew it became apparent that pip wasnt getting that runner duck shape. This is him now:


I think he looks like a khaki campbell? Any Thoughts?

This is pekin (merry) Im not sure if hes a he or a she. Sounds like a she but has a slightly curly tail, but no where near the spectacular drake feathers pip has.



Extremely happy face because hes just pooped on my clean floor.

I'm going to say the Pekin is a female. We have two Pekin males and the single curly drake feather and their voice is very distinct. The males sound totally different so if it sounds like a she I'm guessing you've got a girl.
Not sure about the unknow breed duck, but I do think your Pekin is a female too. I have a female Pekin as well. Her tail feathers look the same. Almost the start of a curl, but not quite. Very cute, the both of them!
Im glad im not going mad, I've been thinkin shes a girl for a while, but DH is insisting shes a he. I guess the only real decider is when she drops an egg out

Hes not happy, he thinks we've got two males, when he only let me have them for eggs haha.

I suppose I'll just have to buy more females now to even up the ratio

Ive not seen Pip get any sexy time with merry though, he seems to prefer chickens - the black rocks and welsummers have fallen victim to him trying to mount them unsucessfully
It could be the camera angle, but they BOTH look like they have the beginning of a drake feather to me. It took my male a very long time to get the full curl, but his tail feather did the same half-curl for a very long time.
Do they quack? Loud quack, not the raspy muttering quack that males do. My runner-wanna-be makes a raspy quack a rusty sound all day long. And he too, prefers chickens.
DH is with you on that one! Hes sure merry is just a late developer. But when I bought them, he was about 4 weeks older than pip - and pip has had his drake feathers for about a month now.

The quack is what im hoping on, merry is the loudest duck ever, sqwawking and quacking for breakfast but pip is very quiet. Ive only heard him quack once and it was raspy.

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