idea for winter snack for protein and fun ?

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    Aug 3, 2009
    It's cold here and the water is already freezing, the birds spend most of their time in their hen house.[​IMG] They have been looking a little bored to me and I am trying to find ways to keep them busy and warm and feed at the same time [​IMG].

    I came up with an idea but don't know if they can have it. I am asking all the long time chicken owners if it is OK to do.

    I was figuring on taking a thing ( like a cabbage head, apples) that I can attack a rope to, spreading peanut butter [​IMG] all over it and rolling it in their laying crumble then tieing it to the coop roof so they can play and eat and get protein at the same time.

    Kind of like I do for the wild birds in the winter. I do this for my lovebird in my home and he just loves it.[​IMG]

    My question is can my chickens eat peanut butter, is it OK for them?[​IMG]
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