Ideal chicks are here, now I have PIX!


12 Years
Jan 31, 2008
NW Oregon
Some of you know, I had some of the sick McMurray chicks.
my friend and I had also placed another order with Ideal before our chicks got sick.
Most of our chicks look like they will recover.
To play it safe,
we decided to move ALL the almost 5 week old babies to my friends house to risk the exposure to the new ideal chicks (1/2 of them had been there all along).
I was expecting the Ideal chicks on Friday - knew they COULD come today! well they are HERE!
got the call from the PO at 5:30am!
I was pretty much ready.

this was hard this time. I had a chick right off the bat that needed work it was cold, I thought it was dead, and others that were cold.
I thought I was making ground with the one chick, she was warming up and breathing, then she had what seemed like a seizure and died .
I think everyone else is okay except that one of the Naked necks seems to have a wound to her neck, so she is in the shipping box in the brooder. I will go to and find some blue wound care as soon as I think everyone is stable.

LOL I have "some" IDEA LOL what I have LOL
I ordered - should all be pullets! but a lot of questions <G> it should be fun.

3 Barred Hollands - I can figure out who they are LOL but there are more than 3 with a barred chick look (I could also have barred rocks, see down)

2 Golden laced Wandotte - need to see what they look like as chicks
2 Spandled Russion Orloff
3 Naked necks - yup I can tell them part LOL
2 Delaware - yup I can tell them also!
3 Black Austlops - can tell them apart
3 RIR - I think? - update - I think do have a least 3 RIR and that is what I was supposed to have - I will have to figure out what chick died.
then to make things interesting!
4 Rare breed Pullets <G>
3 assorted Heavy Pullets

Pictures to follow when I'm sure everyone is on the right track.
off to look at the feathersite chick pictures.

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12 Years
Jan 31, 2008
NW Oregon
I have pic now!
of all the chicks except the delaware LOL I forgot! and now my camera is recharging

not sure what the chick above is? Chick number 1

I think the above are all RIR? I had a 5th that looked the very similar that died?
I ordered 3 RIR - could some be sex links?

cute cute cute!

Not sure what this chick is? I ordered 4 rare assortment pullets and 3 assorted heavy pullets. could be???

cute naked necks!

my Naked neck with a wound on her neck.
All the chicks seem to be doing really well! active and QUIET.


11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
Cute!!! i had to laugh at the naked neck kids.......they are so darn cute.
I have chinese crested dogs (hairless) and everyone always has some sort of comment about them. I have always wanted to get naked neckes, but have not yet. I love all your pics, thanks for posting them.

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