Ideal Chicks geese!


Peepin N' Cheepin
11 Years
12 Years
Jan 25, 2008
My Ideal order arived this morning all geese geese were healthy and happy so far and 3 of the magpie ducklings, one of the ducklings arived dead
looks like he got smashed a corner or something.. and they forgot to put in my NNs..I have emaild them and from what I have read Im sure they will fix the problem. I am very pleased with what I got very healthy happy chciks.
I got to run to town but I snaped a few pics and Ill figure out how to post them when I get back. And Ideal is refunding for the dead one and NNs so im pretty happy with my order....but these ducks and geese had their brooder soaked with in an hour from playing in the water fountain....this is going to be a long month huh..?

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