Ideal Hatchery for Columbian Wyandotte Bantams and White Silkies?

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    Dec 12, 2008
    My wife and I are looking to get into Columbian Wyandotte bantams for me and Silkies for her. I used to show chickens when younger, but we probably won't show. We could later on though and regardless would like birds at least close to the standard. Has anyone gotten either of these breeds from Ideal? How did they turn out?

    I know hatcheries are not the best place in general, but sometimes certain breeds can be ok. I really doubt the Silkies will be anywhere near show quality, but wonder about the Wyandotte bantams. I got New Hampshire bantams from Ideal a few years back just to try and they were quite good and really surprised me. We live in cold Iowa now so we need to switch to a breed whose combs don't freeze.

    Anyone know of any breeders in or close to Iowa?
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    Do NOT get your silkies from Ideal. I have no problem with Ideal and have several birds from them but their Silkies are seriously lacking in type as are ALL silkies from commercial hatcheries. There are many Silkie Breeders here on BYC. I would suggest the same for the Wyandotte bantams but they may be harder to locate.

    You could Google search the Breed Clubs to locate someone near you.

    Good Luck
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