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    For those of you who receive emails from Ideal Hatchery when they have specials, please check your email ASAP. I received this email from them today.

    Our Last Hour Sale includes Surprise Special Straight Runs for a low 77 cents each. This special is only valid for the 6/29 hatch and must be ordered by 4:30 pm CST by phone. Please call us now to place your order.

    Place your order now by calling us at 254-697-6677 option 2, during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, and we will be glad to take your order.

    Minimum order is 25 surprise special chicks. Regular small order charges and air mail charges will be applied. Special is not valid on previously placed orders.


    Ideal Poultry

    Surprise Special is the hatchery's choice of Standard Breed Chicks, which have not been sold as specific breeds and have not been used in other assortments.

    Regular price is $1.55 for st. runs. Regular small order and air mail charges apply. Minimum order is 25 chicks. This special is only valid for our 6/29 hatch only and only valid by phone until 4:30 pm CST.

    Special Price: St. Runs - $.77 each

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