Ideal Poultry "Assorted Chick Pullets" arrived today!


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Mar 31, 2009
Eastern/Central PA
Let me first state that I am not a breeder. I wanted an assortment of pullets, but couldn't make up my mind. So I ordered 10 chicks from the "Assorted Chick Pullets" category they had. I also ordered 10 Cornish Rocks straight run, and 5 Naked Neck Pullets.

Whoever pulled the assortment for me listed what they were on the invoice - which is awesome! I am so happy with the assortment I received!

I received:
2 Brown Leghorns
2 Black Sex Links
2 New Hampshire Reds
2 Dark Cornish
2 Anconas

I did not receive the 5 Naked Necks, which actually works out better for me. I called and they remedied it right away. I will be getting my 5 Naked Necks next week, along with my order of 4 Bronze Broad Breasted pullet Turkeys! I paid for the insurance, because I don't have room for a bunch of roosters. Wish I did, because they'd be in the soup pot, along with the Cornish Rocks we just got today!

All of the chicks arrived healthy and alert. All were alive. I live in Pennsylvania, so the chicks made the trip from Texas just fine! Here are pictures!

Here are the Cornish Rock St. Run chicks - not the best picture I think because of the red bulb in the heat lamp:


Here is a picture of the assorted pullets:


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