Ideal Poultry Bantams (pics?)

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    Wondering if anyone may have some photos of bantam chickens/chicks they have purchased from Ideal Poultry in Texas? We have some coming in the near future as pets/brooders and I just would love to see some photos as well as share some of our own when they arrive. We are getting Silkies, Mixed Feather Leg bantam Assortment, as well as some standard Polish and Turkens.

    Thank You :) I hope some of you can share pictures of your beautiful feathered friends.
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    May 4, 2012
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    I think the bantam assortment that I just purchased came from Ideal. Our SS does buy from them sometimes. I know some of the ones I bought are Cochins and also almost positive some white frizzle Cochins as well.
    These are the ones I am thinking might be Cochins:


    And then just general pics of the mix.




    I know there are also Sebrights and D'Uccles in there as well.
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