Ideal Poultry Chick Order Dissapointment


7 Years
May 8, 2012
Just received my order from Ideal Poultry this morning. 25 EE's and 25 Assorted Rocks were ordered. My 11 y/o boy went with me to the PO to pick up (before school). Upon arrival we could hear them in the back and they were LOUD. The EE's looked great when we opened the box but he was really grossed out by the Rocks. Many were alive however several were trampled dead on the bottom and looked "wet". It looked like their guts were hanging out (blech ewwwwy) but from what I learned on this site it was probably yoke sack not absorbed. Very disappointed that they would have been put into the box like that! I have a call into them now and needed to leave a message. We'll see how they'll offer to make this right. Soooo frustrating, UGH!

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