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Just received my day old pullets from Ideal Poultry on Thursday Oct 9. I order 10 total, 4 Ameraucanas, 3 Barred Rock, 3 Red Sex-Link, and got 4 extra free cockerels thrown in for warmth.

They were all in great health when I picked them up from the post office early thursday morning. They all started eating chick crumbles and drinking water immediately after I put them in the brooder. The one Chestnut colored Ameraucana would not eat or drink and just sat facing the wall of the brooder and getting bumped all ovet he place by the other active chicks. I dipped her beak in the water over and over for probally 20 mins, and I forced Gro-Gel into her beak several times over the first 24 hours. By day 2 she was eating, drinking and very active.

For the first week, I will have them on a 24% Protein Turkey Starter, then they will go onto 20% Protein Chick Starter, until it's time to move to a Layer feed.

Well here are 5 shots of each breed. Check back, I will be updating pictures every few days

Barred Rock Pullets


Also Ameraucanas

Red Sex-Link

Brown Leghorn (just a guess at this point) Cockerels (freebees)

I was wondering if the Gro-Gel was a good product or not, have you used it before? It reads like it is a good thing but I dunno, I am knew to chickens.

How come you are using the Turkey Starter? Are their advantages (besides the protein) to using it?

Good looking Chicks.
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Silver Laced Wyandottes? that would be cool to, thanks....

As for the Gro-Gel, this is the first time I have used it, but I have a friend who uses it on every flock and swears by it so I tried iti this time. Dont know if it helped my weak chick or not, but she sure got better.

As for the 24% Turkey Starter, an "ole time" Layer Hen farmer, told me he always used it for the first week on his chickens, and it seemed to give them a jump start. The first time he did it was just because he had it on hand because he also raises tuurkey, and happened to be out of chicken starter. He really noticed the difference between two natches, one started on 24% and one started on 20%. Can't really say until after this run whether it helps or not.
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