Ideal's RIR pics?


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Dec 27, 2007
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Sorry, I posted this in the breeders section but I think maybe that wasn't the best place to put it.

Does anyone have pics of their mature RIRs which have come from Ideal? I want to get an idea of quality. Thanks for any help!
You want roosters or hens? I have a picture of a rooster.
I have hens too, but no pictures. Let me find my picture, is on a disk somewhere, and I'll edit this post to put it up.

Here ya go!

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I know this is not what you asked for but it's the only picture i have on photobucket and I'm at work.This is Ideal's Production Red and they are very similar in color.

I have some RIR's too but the Production red roo Fred is all I have a picture of at the moment.BTW the RIR's are great egg producers but the Production reds are excellent layers of very large eggs and they are a little bit more bulkier in stature and are just as dark in color.
I have three RIRs from Ideal and I have had breeder quality RIRs as well-they're like night and day! Don't get me wrong, I love my three Ideal girls, who are now 2 years old, but two of them are very slender bodied, one has no middle toenails and lays an almost white egg (she was a real runt) and their color isn't as dark as it should be, although not as orangey as the Production Reds.
Here are my girls, Reba, Ruby and Rosemary(the runt), then my breeder RIR pullet I used to have,Scarlett, now owned by rooster-red. You can see the difference in her:



I think you can get either color in hatchery birds.I some fairly dark and some that are more orange in color.The breeder stock is very pretty.

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