Ideals Welsummers and Barred Cochins


8 Years
Feb 10, 2011
Does anyone have any of these? Are they good quality? My dad is Welsummer crazy and I'm a diehard Cochin fan and I see that they sell both so I'm wondering if anyone has any. If so could you post pics. Also one stupid question. Any idea when they will have the dates up for when these will be available?
Ideal's Welsummers are OK if you just want egg laying breed but not all of them will lay the color of egg that the Welsummers are well known for.

Hop on over to the Welsummer thread and we can be able to help you locating a good breeder near you or have them ship eggs or chicks for your father LOL!
I got a cochin from my feed store and they order from ideal and i think shes great. Actually all the ones here are from there but the only one that i kept is the one up front. I think they are good quality and i would order from them


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