Ideas & Advise on Turning This Shed into a Coop


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Hi All,

I live in Sunny Florida and have a mixed flock made up mostly of EE with a light Brahma and an austrlorp. I have moved to a rental ranch near Ocala and I have this shed in my backyard that I want to convert into a coop until I can save up to build a nicer one. I have a photo of the type of shed, but I am kind of leery since it gets hot here. I can't cut into the shed walls or ceiling to make windows or a roof, but I was going to open the doors and build a hardware cloth door to cover the doorway. There is no electric out there, but I can run an extension cord to maybe put up a few fans. They're quickly outgrowing the "brooder pen" that I have for them and this is my best option.

Ideas? Opinions? Help!

Thank you!



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I have the same shed as a coop (don't have chickens in it right now though). I moved them out since this winter the doors kept freezing shut and I was having trouble thawing them with hot water as I usually do.

It will be an oven in there during the summer day, but is doable if you turn the doors into 1/2 inch hardware cloth doors (not metal) as you said. So it will be an open-air coop. Make sure the rain doesn't pour in on your food and turn it moldy since that can kill your chickens.

Make your door strong enough to withstand a raccoon attack. They are like toddlers and can open LOTS of things. I use carabiner clips on everything.

Don't use anything but 1/2 inch hardware cloth. Not welded wire - not chicken wire. Rats and weasels will supposedly get through anything but 1/2 inch hardware cloth.

I would put your fans on a timer. That is what I do to prevent the motors from overheating. I put them on 1/2 hour, off 1/2 hour. This allows the motor to rest.

Make sure your extension cord is on a GFCI. If it isn't they have a GFCI extension cord you can buy. Saved me from shocks at least two times!

Make sure they have deep shade they can get under. The shed won't count as shade since it will be hot. Keep your nest boxes on the floor not high up due to the heat...the broody hens will keel over from the heat in there near the roof.


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I think I'd build an outdoor space attached to the doorway, instead. That way they can go in to get out of the rain or whatever if they wish, and it will keep the feed and nests dry, but they won't be confined to the shed, which will be way too hot for them most of the year, as you've guessed. In Florida they don't need an enclosed building at all, only shelter from rain, etc. Here is a thread about good setups for out climate. Perhaps it will give you some ideas:
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