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    Oct 30, 2010
    I've been told that I need to install a light inside my coop to get my hens to lay eggs. How many hours of light do they need? What type of light, regular incandescant? I sure could use suggestions?[​IMG]
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    Mar 2, 2010
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    There are a lot of threads on the Forum about coop lighting under both the coop and management sections. Basically this is what I have done for 20+ years: I have a 20 w GE Bright Stick (florescent) on a dual timer that is set to go on at 6 am off at 9 and on again at 4 pm off at 8. I turn it on the first week in September and off at the end of April. This gives them 14 hrs of light by adding time at both ends of the day--we get down to only 8 hrs here in upstate NY by midDecember. IMHO this is enough light to keep them active and laying all winter without burning them out. Hopefully you have access to electricity in the coop, if not, then be very careful how you get it there--don't use those light extension cords laid on the ground. BTW, I think if I didn't have the florescent fixture I'd go to a 40w LED light bulb--no heat and cheap to operate.

    ETA: Please read JustMandy's thread, especially if you're planning on using any kind of incandescent bulbs or heating.
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