Ideas for 4 season doors?

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  1. CurlyLindsay

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    Apr 28, 2009
    Does anyone have instructions or ideas for building coop doors that can convert from solid and insulating in the winter to breezy mostly-wire doors in the summer?
  2. 4 the Birds

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    Oct 15, 2010
    Westfield, Indiana
    You could build or buy a double door. In other words a solid door with an attached screen door. You could pehaps add hardware cloth over the screens. I initially built my coop door as a woven wire door with hinges and then a solid door with hinges over top of that. The coop door is inside the run so I don't use this design and the two doors are attached together. I just leave the coop door (person door) open on nice weather days. Kinda hard to see from the below picture but it is the door at the end. Having the coop door in a covered run has a lot of advantages. You can leave it open and it is well covered so that rain will not get in.


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  3. AVintageLife

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    Jun 7, 2012
    New Hampshire
    Last summer I converted our 8X8 shed into a coop. It had double doors to begin with (like barn doors). Just inside those I built another set of doors - just simple wood frames - except one is fixed in place and the other opens/closes. Covered both with hardware cloth (both sides). In the summer I can open the outer double doors and lots of fresh air for my girls. For the winter, I tacked heavy plastic 3/4's of the way up on the inner doors, didn't want to block air flow completely (additional ventilation - the outer doors don't close snug, but no rain/snow can get in so it's fine). On nice winter days, I could still open the outer doors and let some sun/fresh air in but no cold drafts toward the bottom of the coop. This weekend I'm looking forward to spring cleaning the coop and will tear down the heavy plastic from the inner doors for the summer.

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