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    Oct 19, 2013
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    I have a 14'w by 25'l by 6'h. This is going to be my chicken yard. We strategically placed it in a good location for winter and are going to roof off nearly a half and net the other half. It is nestled by my house and surrounded by a few trees none of which are evergreens. For my coop we ha e boxes solar panels are shipped in. They are 3.5'w by 5.5'long. How wide should our nesting boxes be? We will have a few large egg layers like Cochin, wyandotte, and australorpes. The others will be smaller breeds like bantams and silkies. We will also have two Peking ducks. I can put as many of these crates in pen as need be but only plan to have around 10 chickens.
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    Quote: About 2" wider than the chickens in all directions.
    They need just enough room to turn around

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