Ideas for landscape solar panels integrated with coop and run


10 Years
Apr 23, 2011
Hi all!

We just had landscape solar panels installed in our backyard

I was thinking the frame of the panels would make a great coop and run

Wondering if anyone else has thought about this and or pulled it off

I'm planning to use 1/2 inch hardware cloth around to keep out predators and have that mostly figured out

Mostly stuck on how to integrated the coop, make it look good, and have all needed bits (like a nest box)




6 Years
Jul 14, 2013
Hi Scott
What a great idea and with more and more people getting the panels, I am sure this will come up again.
I have a few questions for you though.
1st.. When you say coop and run, do you plan on using the frame as the coop and the dry part with the trees as the run or up the grass part as the run?
2nd .. Do you plan on putting up some side walls to keep out the bad weather or just using the hardware cloth ?

From the angle in the photo the far back towards the trees would be a good place for the nest boxes.
How many chickens do you plan on having ?
Good luck and look forwards to seeing how you idea turns out.
Best Regards Karen


Jun 4, 2017
Hi Karen, new here, but just found y'all and are wanting some chickens (as well as exploring permaculture and raised bed gardening, plus microgreens and aquaponics in the basement!) We too have solar panels, although ours are in 2 sections of 3x4 or 3x6, instead of 5x7 panels like that picture from geller.

We are JUST starting, and looking for the best ideas for our 1/3 acre lot in the city. Our backyard usable area is about 100'x75' including a 10x14 shed and the arrays of solar. I was thinking about using under the solar panels for areas to make compost, but we've discussed chickens under there too in the past. Like geller's array, our panels sit on a sloped area of the back yard, but where their trees are, in our case is a nosy old lady neighbor with too much time on her hands. On second thought, under the panels may be too close to her house... hmm, we need at least 100' and that may only be 60 to 80' away.

Any other ideas for using that space besides compost areas? It's all dirt and well shaded by the panels, so not much growing there now, not even grass. Guess I answered my own question on ability to house my girls there... but other input would be appreciated. Just starting this urban farming/self reliance thing! :)


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